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The 7 Types of Residential Properties in Malaysia

    The 7 Types of Residential Properties in Malaysia

    Malaysia is a country known for its rich cultural diversity and economic vibrancy. It boasts a wide array of residential properties that cater to the various needs of both investors and residents. From bustling urban centers to serene suburban landscapes, Malaysia offers various housing options. In this article, we will delve into the 7 types of residential properties in Malaysia.

    1. Terraced Houses

    In the heart of Malaysian neighbourhoods, the terraced house is one of the most favourite housing options. It stands as a testament to practicality and community living. Lining streets in rows, these houses share common walls yet offer residents distinct individual units. Ranging from classic aesthetics to contemporary architectural designs, terraced houses cater to diverse tastes.

    Terraced houses are particularly popular among homebuyers that have families. They find terraced houses appealing due to the perfect equilibrium between affordability and a strong sense of community. The communal spirit thriving within the shared walls of terraced houses captures the essence of comfortable and serene living.

    Terraced house is one of the residential properties in Malaysia.

    2. Semi-Detached Houses

    As you browse through the housing options in Malaysia, semi-detached houses emerge as symbols of large space and enhanced privacy. The semi-detached house is a unique residential property that is standing independently yet connected by a common wall to a neighbouring property. It offers an interesting blend of autonomy and community living.

    One notable feature of semi-detached houses is the generous plots of land accompanying them. The large plots of land provide residents with expansive outdoor spaces for gardens or recreational activities. This combination of independence and shared community benefits appeals to those who seek a higher degree of personal space without sacrificing the perks of a cohesive neighbourhood. It is also one of the best property choices, especially for those with children.

    3. Bungalows

    Providing the supreme and luxury residential experience, a bungalow is commonly deemed the king of residential properties in Malaysia. As standalone structures that come with ample surrounding land, these residences represent the epitome of lavish living. Bungalows generally have expansive interiors, private gardens, car porches, and swimming pools. They cater to individuals who prioritize privacy and an elegant lifestyle.

    Typically found in upscale residential areas, bungalows are statements of prosperity and success. Besides, since most landed upscale residential areas are located in suburban, bungalows are also offering the tranquility of country residences. In addition to the traditional elegance affluence, these exceptional homes also commit to a life of comfort.

    Bungalow is one of the residential properties in Malaysia.

    4. Condominiums

    In the dynamic pulse of Malaysia’s urban centers, condominiums emerge as the contemporary solution to the demands of rapid urbanization. These high-rise residential buildings house multiple units within their towering structures. Condominiums present a modern city living where residents can enjoy a wealth of shared amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, and event halls.

    In addition to a communal atmosphere, the inclusion of security services also adds an extra layer of safety. Condominium residents can relish the city’s vibrancy without compromising on their well-being. In fact, condominium living is preferred by urban professionals seeking proximity to workplaces and the conveniences of city life. It also offers a low-maintenance lifestyle since the high-rise property is commonly managed by professionals.

    5. Apartments

    Similar to condominiums but typically with fewer amenities, apartments are a cost-effective housing option in Malaysia. They cater to a broad demographic, including young professionals, students, and small families. Apartments are often located in both urban and suburban areas. They can also provide accessibility to various amenities and services.

    6. Gated Communities

    When it comes to gated communities, safety is the most important aspect. These communities have restricted access points and vigilant surveillance. They can offer residents a heightened sense of safety and peace of mind. Besides, gated communities boast a diverse mix of residential variety. The inclusivity of terraced houses, semi-detached units, and bungalows within these gated areas signifies an effort to meet various lifestyles and preferences. Residents not only enjoy the exclusivity of a controlled environment but also the dynamic neighbourhood formed by a variety of housing styles.

    Moreover, the quality of life is also greatly enhanced by various accessible amenities. Parks, recreational facilities, and communal spaces contribute to the exclusive living experience. As the popularity of gated living continues to rise, these communities merge as symbols of privacy, community, and safety in the residential development in Malaysia.

    7. Serviced Residences

    Combining elements of both condominiums and hotels, service residences are designed for short to medium-term stays. These properties offer fully furnished units with hotel-like services. They are popular among expatriates, business travelers, and individuals seeking a hassle-free lifestyle.

    Serviced residence is one of the residential properties in Malaysia.


    When it comes to residential properties in Malaysia, people have different needs and preferences. From cozy terraced houses to fancy bungalows, Malaysia’s real estate landscape offers a home for everyone. As the country continues to evolve, more housing options will be made available, making sure everyone can find the perfect place that suits their lifestyle in this culturally rich nation.